Learn How To Own Real Estate Without Paying A Mortgage!

Learn How To Own Real Estate Without Paying A Mortgage!




How To Own Real Estate Without Paying A Mortgage

A value-packed book containing my 3 most tested and trusted steps I have used over the years in order to acquire profitable rental properties, create passive income, and generate the key to generational wealth.

So if you are new to the whole real estate business, or you have tried to go into it, and you couldn’t just figure it out, The Blueprint was made just because of you. It contains my secrets and how I have been able to use them to build a name for myself.

Find out common mistakes that new Landlords make and learn to avoid them. Get exclusive access to long-term strategies that many successful Landlords have used, and discover so much more!

The Blueprint Values At $127 But You'll Get It Today For $47

On Completion, The Blueprint Will:

  • Allow you to understand how to calculate your cash flow before making a purchase
  • Figure out exactly how long it will take you to recoup your down payment money
  • Give the blueprint of what goes into securing a qualified tenant quickly
  • Help you to understand a different perspective on choosing the right location
  • And much more...



What people have to say...

I officially went into real estate in 2019, but I wasn’t consistent. It was a very off-and-on thing for me because I couldn’t totally bring myself to understand what needed to be done and what didn’t.

Late last year, 2021, after I lost my job, I wanted to officially start something different, and I decided to go full time into Real Estate, but it ended up in a roller coaster of events.

Gratefully last month, I discovered Jarde" Allen’s Instagram, and ever since then, I can’t start to describe how much I’ve grown. I know so much I wish I had known 2-3 years ago. The Blueprint changed my life!

-Kevin. L

All I can say is how thankful I am that I know all I know right now. As someone who just developed an interest in real estate, I’m lucky to have learned all I know before entering the industry. It is the most recommended start pack ever!

It’s not a big book, but it is interesting, resourceful, and jam-packed with so much info and great for anybody who is just starting and wants to do so without struggling.

I will officially be starting next week, and I’m already pumped and super positive that I’m going to hit all my goals soon. Thank you Jarde!

-Kate F.

This book was just one of the random purchases I usually make. I didn’t plan to buy it or have any thought of going into Real Estate, I just bought it because I was curious, but now? I’m already looking into it!

It’s a concise book, meaning you don’t have to bore yourself by reading unnecessary information because Jarde did a great job at putting together only the important stuff. It’s what we call the small but mighty.

I can’t give you a sneak peek because I want you and every other person who wants to hit it big in real estate to experience this yourself. It’s not even expensive, yet it's worth a while!

-Mark R

Meet The Genius Behind The Blueprint

Meet The Genius Behind The Blueprint...

Jarde' Allen

Jarde' Allen

My name is Jarde' Allen, the CEO of In the Moment Financial Services and I have purchased 5 properties including 9 rental units from 2020-2022 without ever paying a mortgage.

Few years back, I was just like you, didn't know anything about Real estate and how much of a gold mine it is.

Thankfully, I was able to come across some very important people and knowledge that got me to where I am today.

With what I learned, I was able to develop specific strategies that allow you to live rent AND mortgage free! In this amazing ebook, I do not leave any stone unturned as I show you exactly what you need to know.

Take The First Step Towards Getting The Right Knowledge You Need To Be Successful In The Real Estate Business



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